Columbus, Ohio area youth sports leagues, summer camps
and sports programs for kids ages 3-12.

Who We Are

Bally Sports Group is a youth sports programming company comprised of educators, prospective teachers, coaches, former athletes, and sports management students who have a passion for working with children in connection with sports. Bally Sports Group specializes in providing quality youth sports programs and camps by partnering with community organizations and schools to fulfill the youths sports needs within a community. Our curriculums have been carefully crafted by Physical Education Professionals and Sports Psychologists to make each program developmentally appropriate for multiple age groups and skill levels.

Our Mission

Bally Sports Group is dedicated to providing quality youth sports programs and camps that are encouraging, safe and active. Instructors will be enthusiastic, patient, and competent at all times. Bally Sports Group is committed to providing each child with a positive sports experience that will lead to additional participation in sports, inspiring a healthy, active lifestyle.

Bally Sports Group - Columbus, Ohio Youth Sports

Athletes Have Fun

The main reason children quit playing sports is because they have negative experiences when playing. We aim to plant a seed early with children that they remember having fun playing sports, which will lead to continued participation in the future.

Children Learn while having fun

Our program curriculums use age appropriate language and games to help children remember the rules and skills they are taught each week. We also reinforce skills taught from previous weeks to help children learn through repetition.

Players Improve Skill Abilities

Our coaches are dedicated to helping children develop throughout the duration of programs. We aim to see improvement of skill abilities through the use of constant encouragement and constructive feedback. Coaches also help development of life skills such as learning proper sportsmanship, encouraging positive attitudes, understanding teamwork, and showing respect.

Coaches Provide Differentiated Instruction

Whether your child is a complete novice in the sport or has played for years, our coaches are trained to provide adjustments (modifications and extensions) to each learning task in order to simplify a skill when too difficult or present challenges to children who are ready.

Enjoyment of Physical Activity

We want children to learn to enjoy physical activity through our programs. By incorporating the proper teaching techniques, kids have a blast without even realizing they are beginning their journey to a healthy and active lifestyle!

Teach Life Skills Through our Programs

Bally Sports Group is very passionate about teaching important life values to athletes. Leading by example, coaches emphasize proper sportsmanship, positive social interactions and cooperation through teamwork.